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Fully automated optimization services

You will never again be required to meddle with configuration files and archaic guides in the internet. Get the absolute best performance out of your web application for zero effort.
We serve hundreads of millions of Requests per day. Halcyon serves the majority of them, only about 2% of them are served using a traditional web server.

Why the Halcyon Engine ?

We have been in the web hosting service since 2009 and over the years we have strived to provide the fastest possible web hosting environment for our clients. Since 2011 we have been working on our own engine called Halcyon. The engine has been reworked over the years and its currently in its 6th version.
The most usual issue with web hosting is that there are numerous web apps that although are easy to work with have not much or even not at all been designed to serve the ever growing number of visitors today's web sites gather.
Our plan from the start was to identify the specific issues with each framework and code heavily optimized services that will reduce the visitors wait time to the minimum possible.

How Fast?

Halcyon is extremely fast, especially on medium to heavy web sites it will outperform a standard web server by at least 180%, even in light loads it will be at worse up to 60% faster than any other app engine in the market.
We have been testing our engine in realtime for the last 8 years by hosting the same content in competitors and getting continuous metrics. Even in the cases of specialised hosting we still deliver content at least 85% faster.
It is of the utmost importance for us to keep the page load under the 3.5 second mark in every possible case.
Halcyon is over 180% faster
Halcyon v6 is at least 180% faster than a traditional web server on medium to high loads. On average a site that would load in 21 sec, will load in less than 1.3 sec on Halcyon.
Halcyon is a balance
It depends on many tools and technologies to provide the fastest possible request reply. It will gartner every possible tool in our arsenal to optimize code, media and store them in order to provide them in the fastest possible way to the site visitor.

How does it work?

The engine will monitor every part of your web site from the development phase, testing and final deployment. It monitors technologies, identifies frameworks and leverages its optimization engines to compact, cleanup and serves the content.
When it identifies a known framework it will deploy server side optimizations automatically, it will monitor the database queries, the code bottlenecks and substitute them automatically without modification of the sites files/structure. In case the framework is not known it will start learning your code to identify points that would benefit from machine optimization and in case of bottlenecks that degrade the sites performance it will notify our engineers to investigate optimization options.
The learning period never ends, during the full life of the site it will keep monitoring and applying new solutions that will bring either more performance or more visitor capacity.

Zero Knowledge Setup

The design behind Halcyon is to create an automated system that learns while each site grows while its build and visited.
All of the changes and optimizations are done in a non destructive way so that the engine can be stopped, can be updated and can be changed at any time during a sites lifetime.
It will communicate with the site developers to notify them of possible issues that can be fixed and about any optimizations the engine has applied to the site.
It will never require or allow the developer/owner of a site to change any setting other than disable or enable it.
Halcyon does not require user intervention
The user is not expected to have any knowledge or even adjust any of its settings at any time, the ML algorithm will drive the engine and adjust the settings required for the web site optimization and delivery.
eSGR is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla! Project™. Use of the Joomla!® name, symbol, logo and related trademarks is permitted under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, Inc.

Joomla!® Compatibility

Halcyon is 100% compatible with Joomla!® since version 2.5 and up to version 4 Beta 1. It does not require any setup from the user and provides speed, storage and security optimizations for the platform.

Halcyon will also fully support any application build on top of the Joomla!® Framework natively.


What is the cost?

Use of the Halcyon Engine is completely free for all of our Shared Hosting clients. The engine is also available for clients hosting dedicated servers on our infrastructure, you can contact us here if you are interested for a quote.


We are activelly making sure Halcyon works with the most popular web applications available and we offer multiple compatibility options for custom applications that may have issues due to the optimizations.

How do I activate the service?

The Halcyon Engine is activated by default on all of our Shared Hosting accounts. You have the option of dissabling it permanently or temporarily at any point for debugging purposes.


For the forseable future we will not be generally offering Halcyon for use outside of our platform. The engine is available for all of our Shared Hosting plans as well as an option for our Cloud Servers.


What is Coeus?

Coeus is the fabric that our whole infrastructure runs on. It includes the software routing and switching across our DCs and edge nodes, the hypervisor management engine and the plumbing for communication with Soteria and Halcyon.
Coeus uses two ML instances to learn and adapt to the fabric requirements and includes the logic for our HA, Edge population control and LB between nodes.
In its current form Coeus is not accessible or addressable by clients and we have no plans in creating a product for 3rd party use.

Software networking

Coeus is running multiple instances of virtual machines that handle routing for our internal network as well as our edge connections.
This feature allows us to reroute traffic from anywhere in our network as well as add as many virtual routers as we need for increased reliability and load distribution.
It also acts like our virtual switch that allows us to move ip and mac addresses at will between locations.

High availability & Load balancing

Coeus was designed with reliability from the ground up. We designed it with the ability to route ingress and egress traffic from any point in our network and any hardware node in our network can act as the exit point without the need for human interaction. This exact design gives it also the ability to load balance network loads since it actively monitors the networking needs in real time.

Edge population control

Coeus has the ability to create instances on demand to increase the availability of client content on edge locations according to the requests of the Halcyon Engine.



What is Soteria?

Soteria originally was part of Halcyon. It is our security layer that sits on top of Halcyon and provides protection and security monitoring. Every request that arrives is getting vetted, checked against our registries and gets accepted, rejected or redirected to our honeypot system. It's primary purpose is to act as our web application firewall where it uses our engineer provided rules, comodo provided rules and it's learning engine to deny or allow application requests.

What is Mnemosyne?

Mnemosyne is our unified database, kvs store. The goal is to use Mnemosyne for all data related storage requirements. At the current stage our memcached compatible service and mysql data can be stored and accessed using their native APIs. Mnemosyne is now in Beta and it is used by select client facing services.

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