All provided software requires x64 Hardware and OS to function.
  • eSGR Schema Builder:
    v0.0.2.51 Free
    eSGR Schema Builder.
  • eSGR Tools:
    v0.7.93 Free
    Developer tool with multiple functions.

  • eSGR QR Code Generator:
    v1.0.0.7 Free
    eSGR QR Code Generator

  • cacti-go-tools:
    v0.1.34 Open Source
    Get statistics on your cacti installation using snmp for multiple services.

    Included Services:
    nginx, php-fpm, ntp, bind
  • esgsitemap:
    v1.0.13 Free
    Create your sitemap fast with unlimited links.

  • esgoeminfo:
    v0.1.1 Open Source
    Get or Set your Windows PC OEM Info.
  • hedynip:
    v0.0.8 Open Source
    Tool to update the IPv4 endpoint for HE IPv6 Tunnels.

  • eSGR Chrome Extension:
    v1.0.9 Open Source
    Get our latest news as well as various usefull tools.

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