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Cloud Webhosting

Host your clients on our High Availability and Distributed Infrastructure.
Our lightning fast engine will serve your content safely to millions of users while minimizing any chance of downtime.
Cloud Service

Automated Optimisation

Our platform will automatically enhance your clients web sites, minimize the load times and the bandwidth used without having to touch a single configuration file.

Host your clients without the hassle.

  • 100GB:
    NVMe Storage
    RAID 10
  • 400GB:
    Premium Network Bandwidth
  • 20        :
    SQL Databases
    Optimized SQL
Special Offer


  • How many clients can I host?
    We do not have a limit.
    You can host as many domains/clients as you need as long as you dont go over the allocated resources (20 SQL Databases on default plan).
  • Overselling allowed?
    We do not allow overselling.
    You can distribute the resources on your clients in any way you wish. But you cannot oversell resources or hide the amount of resources allocated to each client.
  • Will all of my clients be on the same server?
    Possible but not 100%.
    Due to the way our infrastructure works it would be counterproductive, it places your clients to an availability zone that is closer to their clients. We do try to group your clients to as few servers as possible though.
  • Is there a limit on Static sites?
    Only resource wise.
    You can host as many static sites (not requiring a database) as you want as long the plan has enough bandwidth.
  • Can I upgrade the plan ?
    Yes you can.
    This plan is tiered and you can purchase a half upgrade, adding 10 more clients or multiple upgrades each doubling the resources we allocate to you.
  • Can I resell this service?
    Unfortunately No.
    This service gives you access to our infrastructure and allows you to create customers of your own. The software does not have the ability to delegate another level.
  • What happens when a client goes over their limits?
    It depends on how you allocate resources.
    When a client goes over their plan limits their site goes down (you can set the message shown to the clients visitors).
    In case the total plans limits are reached then all of your clients sites will go down at the same time. We do contact you before this happens in order for you to upgrade your plan and we always provide some buffer even after the limits are reached.


Automated Engine Updates

Our platform will automatically update all moving parts under your clients sites with almost zero downtime.


We have been continously having less than 31 seconds of downtime per year by leveraging our High Availability infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure

All parts of our infrastructure have been designed and implemented to minimze the posibility of downtime.

Design your plans

You can design your own plans for your customers and adjust them for their needs.
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