eMail Marketing

Let your customers know about your offers and news.
With an extremely affordable and powerfull service.

Propper email

Send perfectly valid email either manually or using our automated API while your lists are automatically managed by our system without any user intervention.
  • Automatically create web versions for all campaigns that you can even attach to other media without fear of bandwidth limits.
  • We are automatically managing unsubscriptions and subscriptions for you in order to make sure your mailing list abides by EU and US laws.
  • Bounced email is automatically handled by our automated system. It will get marked and removed from future deliveries making sure your newsletters will still get delivered without being handled as SPAM.

Getting Started

Newsletter Creation


You create your newsletter either directly in our platform or in your favorite editor and then just paste your html in our system.


Test Delivery

Before sending or scheduling your delivery you can either send the newsletter to a test list or to individuals.
List Management

Mailing Lists

Import your list(s) either manually through the provided UI or using a CSV file. The system will automatically remove previously bounced and unsubscribed emails.

Sending your newsletter

Delivery Schedule

You can schedule your delivery for up to 24 months in advance or just send it immediatelly.

Pricing Options

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  • Standard eMails (Plain Text or HTML) start from €0.001 per message
    (€1.00 / 1000).
  • You can add attachments (they will first be verified by our support department) for just €0.001 per message.
  • Media storage cost is per campaign and includes unlimited bandwidth and 12 months of service. After the 12 months the storage can be extended for €5 per year per campaign.
  • Prices do not include VAT, VAT is calculated during the checkout process depending on the country of billing.

Manage Unlimited Campaigns

No need to worry about list sizes or number of campaigns.
We do not charge for the number, storage of campaigns, number of lists or even number of stored subscribers in your accounts. We will store everything in your account without any limits for 24 months after your last newsletter delivery.

The only limitation is 2.5 Million subscribers per mailing list.

Realtime Statistics

Analyze your results in realtime.
Receive realtime statistics on your campaigns over our web UI or using our per campaign personalized feed.
You can watch as your campaign is delivered and get realtime report on bounces, unsubs, new subs, marked as spam, opened messages, clicked links and link activity.

List Management

Manage your lists with automated sub, bounce, unsub.

Unlimited Campaigns

Create unlimited campaigns and templates.

Analytics Support

We will pass your UTM & include analytics proxying.

Unlimited Mailing Lists

Unlimited lists with up to 2.5M subscribers per list.

Drip Campaigns

Create automatically managed drip campaigns.

Single & Double Opt-In

We support Single and Double Opt-In lists.


You can use our API to sub, unsub and deliver campaigns.

Full SSL Coverage

Your whole campaign is served over SSL at all times.
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