Open Positions

Software Developer


General Requirements
  • C
  • golang

0 positions available

Systems Administrator


General Requirements
  • Linux
  • golang

0 positions available

Your Benefits

Work on large scale projects

Our infrastructure spans 4 continents and we work and manage services for companies in 12 countries.

Bleeding Edge

You will use bleeding edge technologies and you will help create new ones.

Personal Use Hardware

We will provide you with your notebook, PC, mobile phone, voip phone and anything else required for your work.

Telecom Expenses

We will cover all your telecom expenses including Mobile Phone, Terestrial & Wireless Internet Connections.

Work from Home

You can spend up to 95% of your work hours, working from home.
Developers can work fully from home.

Fully Insured

You will be fully insured according to the Greek work regulations and laws both for Pension & Helthcare.

Additional Insurance

After your first 12 months an additional insurance plan on a private company will cover your healthcare needs.

35 hours per week

We require 35 hours per week of work time on full salary.


Any overtime is paid in full and its limited to 5 hours per week.


Weekends are double rate and canot be over 8 hours per month.

35 days vacation time

You will get 35 days per year of fully paid vacation time. This does not include 9 public holiday days (still fully paid).

Yearly bonus

We provide a yearly bonus on the 21st of December each year to all employees that depends on the companies profits.
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