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esgtools is a cli multi tool used internally by eSG but will work on any standard environment. Please note that some functions will work best on the eSG Standard Image 2014 & 2017 based in centos 6.8 and 7 respectively.


  • profiles - Install esg profiles for selected apps
  • build - Build current Go project using the eSG Build script
  • web - Web Tools
  • update - Update esgtools to the latest version
  • hash - Create fast SHA256 hash of file
  • install - Install supported applications
  • disk - TBA
  • debug - Show debug information
  • minify - Minify CSS, HTML, JS, JSON, SVG, XML
  • registry - Windows Registry Reading & Patching TBA
profiles options
  • vim - Install the eSG vim profile
  • tmux - Install the eSG tmux profile
web Options
  • size - Will calculate website size
  • headers - Will dump all http headers from a url
  • tags - Will detect tags like Google Analytics and AdSense
  • http - Detect http protocol
build Options
  • arch - Reports all available architectures
  • env - Will build the standardized esg environment TBA
  • filename.go - if you pass it a go project it will build it and optimize it TBA
install Options
  • tools - Will install esgtools to /usr/local/bin (v0.6.3+)
  • go - Will install Go and setup paths TBA


The tool doesn't require any installation just use the following to download it.

Linux x64
curl -L -o esgt;chmod +x esgt
Linux x86
curl -L -o esgt; chmod +x esgt

esgtools has its own page

Usage Examples

Install profiles

./esgtools profiles vim
./esgtools profiles tmux

File hash

./esgtools hash sha256 filename

Webpage Size

./esgtools web size

Webpage Headers

./esgtools web headers

Webpage Tags (analytics etc)

./esgtools web tags

Webpage protocol

./esgtools web http

Minify File

./esgtools minify inputfilename outputfilename

Update esgtools

./esgtools update