Halcyon Engine

Halcyon Engine


Currently the following platforms and frameworks are supported 100%:

  • Joomla v3
  • Joomla v4
  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Magento2
  • phpBB3
  • DokuWiKi
  • Laravel
  • MediaWiKi
  • Symfony
  • Zen Cart
  • Drupal

Disk Space

Due to the way Halcyon is working it will create hundreds or even thousands of files that will consume disk space. On average a website will need at least double the storage space originally used.

Halcyon will create a unique profile for each unique visiting device type and browser. This doesn't mean that it will create a unique profile for each visitor though, instead for example it will create a profile for a Pixel XL with the Chrome Browser, that way the next time a user visits your site with that combination will get a pre rendered web site immediately. This will help both in the download time since Halcyon serves the profile images in an optimized and compressed form and also in the render of the page in the users device, this process alone will be responsible for reducing the users load time to at least in half.

Halcyon is storing all those profiles in a compressed form, the resulting compression will allow it to store many thousand profiles in the same amount of storage your web site uses in our system, but what is important is that although the files look like they are stored in your own account they are not. Due to the IOPS requirements of Halcyon it stores its data on a loopback device that is mounted under your account. Any command line tool you use to count space in the OS will report that mount point as part of your storage but it is in fact NOT part of your quota.

Removing files for a site that has been cached for some time manually will not work, you need either to select the option in cPanel → Halcyon → Cache → Purge Cache, alternatively if for some reason you need to do it using a script or manually please check here: Fast file deletion


This message is extremely rare, for example in the whole of 2015 less than 10 clients received it and it only lasted for about 1 hour each time. Your site is NOT going offline, what is happening is that you had a big influx of users momentarily or for longer periods of time and the system over allocated more RAM for storing cached objects for you. The system though will bring you back to a lower limit if another web app needs RAM for a similar issue. Halcyon will auto balance RAM allocations many thousands of times per second in order to provide a minimum load time (2 seconds curently) for each users site.


Halcyon has already preliminary support for rendering an AMP profile, currently the profile is of a generic form, ie all devices that request it will receive the same profile. We are working on producing the next version of the Engine that will produce individual profiles for each device.

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