Media Optimizations

  • Image Compression:

    Zero quality loss
    Halcyon provides real time in place compression of images. The compression is lossless and can reduce an image size up to 20 times without any visible degradation. This process happens periodically up to 24 times per day) and does not consume any additional space in your account.
  • Image Substitution:

    On demand
    Halcyon does an in place substitution of images to reduce bandwidth and increase the speed of your website. It will replace your images with ones using alternative compression methods that are easier or faster to render by supported browsers.
  • Image Maps:

    Halcyon will dynamically create image maps of very small images and alter the calls to those images in your website in order to reduce the number of connections required as well as provide smaller files.
  • Image Resizing:

    Halcyon will create suitable image sized files automatically in order to reduce the data and increase the speed to serve images to smaller devices.
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