Transfer Your Services

Transfer as many services you want and get free service for up to 3 months from your previous hosting contract.

On Demand Scalling

Optimized Platform

Geo Located DNS

24/7/365 Support

Fully managed over GUI

Automated Backup

High Availability Service

High Security Standards

Getting Started

First Steps

How Το

  • Create an account on our Members Area
  • Create an order for the desired hosting plan
  • Open a Ticket and supply a copy of your last hosting providers invoice.

Getting Help

Customer Support

If you need help at any moment of this process do not hessitate to contact our support department at any time, we can help in every step of the process 24/7/365.

Service Transfer

You can check our documentation on what is required for the transfer. If any of this seems difficult you can always just contact us and one of our engineers will try to explain what we need to finish with the transfer.

Contract Requirements

Transfer Prerequisite

  • You need to accept and abide by our ToS
  • In order to receive the offer you will need to have at least 28 days left in your plan with the previous web host.
  • You can receive up to 6 months if your current plan with the previous host has more than 8 months left in the contract
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