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Terms of Service

For questions relevant with these terms you can contact us at

Terms of Use

eServices-greece (from here on eSG) offers web hosting services to private individuals and corporations around the world. The following guidelines were designed to make sure our services are of the highest possible quality.

Agreement of Services

This agreement of services has to be accepted by our client before getting any of the services eSG provides.

Technical Support

The client has the right to use our technical support through the members area or using for any technical issue, in the case of unmanaged services then any operation by our technical department will incur costs that will be sent to the client before the work is performed.

Resource Usage Policy

In the case that the eSG NOC decides that a client is using unnecessarily system resources it is in its option to end the users account. In the case that it is deemed necessary, the client has to be moved to a dedicated server or find a new hosting provider. In the latter case the client has (10) days to make the transfer.

Domain Registration Agreement

With the registration of a domain from eSG you agree with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. The client will monitor the emails for communications between her, eSG and ICANN that is relevant with the domain he has registered. In the case of dispute or legal action against eSG for the registered domain we have the option to turn to the client for the resolution of the issue, eSG cannot be held liable for any economic or other issue that arose due to that registration in a local or international court neither UDRP. The client is responsible for the prompt payment of the cost for acquiring, sustaining and transferring her domain. In the case that the domain has expired and there hasn't been any action from the customer that would let him keep the domain for the last (6) months, it is up to eSG to provide that domain for registration to its own clients or in the general market. It is binding for our customers to include their identification when registering a domain name for eSG to let the domain in its DNS servers. (There is an exclusion for individuals who select to use an anonymization service).


All of the eSG services can only be used for legal uses. The transfer, storage or presentation of information that are illegal to the country the server the client is hosted is located is prohibited. Examples of non-acceptable content
  • Illegal software, music, video, text or books
  • Mass emails, Spam
  • Content that may be deemed dangerous for the health and safety of the public
  • Pornographic material
  • Extremist Political or Racial Discrimination content
The decision to stop a service due to its content is up to eSG. Warning: In the case that part of the content is related to Children Pornography, the full information of the client as well as any data we hold will be provided directly to the relevant division of the country the server is located at as well as to the Hellenic department of justice. The client will not be notified in this case.

Protection of Intellectual Property

eSG will respond immediately in any report for the transfer, storage or presentation of protected intellectual property. Reports with un-based or inadequate information will be dismissed. In the case of a proper report the client will be notified about the content immediately and in the case he doesn't remove the content then his account will be removed. In the case of a court order for the retrieval of the customers information then the client will be notified immediately, it is up to eSG to abide by the court order or not.

Mass emails

The delivery of mass emails is prohibited. In the case that the client continues to send mass emails this may result in the termination of his contract. eSG has the right to charge the customer up to 200 Euro per hour needed to fix the issues that may have been created by his mass mails. It is prohibited:
  • To use the services and equipment of eSG to send mass emails.
  • The use of any email account you hold in eSG as a return address for mass email
  • The use of mass email to advertise products or services that are hosted at eSG

Abuse of eSG employees

eSG cares about being fast and polite while serving you so we demand the same behavior. In the case that a client acts in an abusive way against an employee of eSG we hold the right to dissolve the contract with that client. The client has 10 days to find a new hosting provider.

Abuse of Clients

eSG demands from its employees the utmost level of politeness from its employees. In the case the client for any reason feels that he has been abused contact us immediately at

Account Cancellation

To cancel your service, contact use either through or through our members area
To make your cancellation as fast as possible, please inform us about the following:
  • Basic domain of the account
  • Reply to your security question
  • Confirmation that you have downloaded your backups

Service Renewal

If at any point the services rented have changed price the client will be charged with that new price in his renewal, this includes price reductions. The client has the right to use any discount offers that are available at the time of his renewal.

Service Downgrading

Wherever the service type allows it the customer can downgrade his service package to a lower one, the amount of currency that is left in the account can be used to extend his current contract or used as in store credit to purchase additional services.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30 day money back guarantee of up to 30 days after the service registration for:
  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPN Service
  • eMail Hosting
There is a 15 day money back guarantee of up to 15 days after the service registration for:
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting
  • Managed VPS Hosting
The following services are excluded from the money back guarantee:
  • Un-managed Servers
  • Managed Servers
  • Domain registration/renewal/transfer
  • IP Allocation
  • SSL Certificates
The money back guarantee is void if the previous rules are not met

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