We love IPv6

Implementation History

Planning Stage

August 2012

Initial Planning of IPv6 Deployment.

First Deployment

December 2012

Internal services move to dual stack

All of our services move from IPv4 only to dual stacked.


31st July 2013

IPv6 only backend

All of our backend services use only IPv6 to communicate with each other.

Clients Opt-In

30th September 2013

IPv6 Optional for clients on discrete hostname

Enabled the option of our clients to enable IPv6 on their services on a secondary hostname (ipv6.domain.tld).

Clients AAAA

31st Octomber 2013

Customers can enable AAAA records on their accounts

Enabled the option of our clients to enable IPv6 records for their primary domain + primary hostname

Default on Signup

8th February 2014

Dual stack on new client accounts

Enabled dual stack on new client accounts.


21st June 2014

80% of client base in dual stack

Moved 80% of our clients to a dual stack setup.


6th December 2014

100% of clients in dual stack

100% of our clients internal facing services (proxies, HA clusters) are IPv6 only.

IPv6 Everywhere

10th January 2015

All internal communications are IPv6 Only

100% of our client external facing services are dual stacked.

IPv4 to IPv6

17th January 2015

IPv4 to IPv6 proxy service for in-house client services

IPv6 proxy service deployed for in-house customer services talking to our infrastructure making the end-to-end 100% IPv6

Next Step

31st January 2015

IPv6 only services offered

IPv6 only services are offered to our clients at reduced cost (VPS, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Web Radio).

Do you need dedicated IPv6?

We can provide a dedicated IPv6 at no cost on any online property hosted on us.
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