eMail Server

Finding out your email server is easy. You just add the mail host in front of your domain name.

  • Domain Name: domain.tld
  • Mail Server: mail.domain.tld
Notes for New Domains
  • Allow up to 15 minutes for the email server to update
  • To receive email from other email servers allow up to 72 hours to make sure all DNS servers in the world know about the new domain. (We push changes 1 minute after the domain is registered but many ISP DNS server update very slow)
General Notes
  • You can use an actual mail server address instead of the alias (mail.domain.tld) but in that case your client will not failover in case the specific mail server is down for maintenance or there are issues with it.


When we setup your email service we enable a very basic anti spam filter. You have the option of enabling the full anti spam service in your account by clicking on Enable Anti-Spam Engine. This is done on purpose so you can alter the settings of the filters. By default the basic filter or the full engine just mark spam in with headers and change the subject to include the word SPAM, there are options in the ASE to delete or return the spam message to the sender.


You should not enable the return to sender option for SPAM since most of the times the SPAM messages include forged return addresses.


We automatically setup the DKIM Records for your domain alias in your DNS records. You can alter it directly from the DNS Editor if needed, please note that due to the HA setup of the email service you are advised not to change the settings manually if you don't know exactly what you are doing.


We automatically setup the SPF records for your domain alias in your DNS records. You can make changes at any time from the DNS Editor if needed. Please note that it is important to add the IP of any server you use to send email, you can contact us to make any necessary changes at any time you wish.

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