DNS Issue after rolling reboot

During our maintenance window we setup a rolling reboot on our DNS Clusters, all DNS servers went up except for 1 in the EU region and 2 in the US region, servers have been taken off the clusters and we are investigating the issue. The has been and there will be no downtime in any client services due to this issue.   Regards, eSGR NOC Read More »

23rd Dec 2018
Documentation Updates

From today (2018/12/21) to the end of the year we will be adding multiple new documentation articles in our WiKi . Most of the articles will revolve around web development and security. We have made an important update on our article about web images and we will be adding a bit more technical information and examples too soon. Finally we are ... Read More »

21st Dec 2018
Members Area outage fixed.

Note: During this whole issue no client services were affected since they run on top of Halcyon 6.4. During the maintenance a number of cascading issues emerged. During the software stack upgrade (halcyon 6.5 Beta 20181206-19243) a major library issue was not identified by our engineers. After finishing the update the changes were pushed to ... Read More »

8th Dec 2018
Cheaper SSL Certificates

From today we are reducing the cost of our SSL certificates. Our Setup fee for all SSL is now reduced from 15€ το 5€, in case the SSL is going to be used on one of our hosting plans then the setup fee will be refunded as credit to your accounts for future purchase. You can check the new pricing in the following table:   Old ... Read More »

6th Dec 2018
Sendme platform update

We will be performing an update to the sendme platform on 2018/12/01 23:00 (UTC+2). during the update no email newsletters can be send. The update will require 15 minutes and we don't expect any issues.

Best Regards,


22nd Nov 2018
DNS Maintenance

We would like to inform you that we will be switching all our API calls to the updated name servers (ns2.eservices-greece.net, ns3.eservices-greece.net) on 2018/11/24 23:00. We do not expect any downtime on our services.

Best Regards,


22nd Nov 2018
DNS Maintenance

We would like to inform you that we will be performing DNS maintenance today (2018/11/22) between 01:00 and 05:00 (UTC+2). During this maintenance window the following name servers will be switching backends. We do not expect any down time during maintenance.

ns2.eservices-greece.net, ns3.eservices-greece.net

Best Regards,


21st Nov 2018
Storage & Bandwidth Upgrades for Biz, Enterprise, Org, Corporate.

We would like to announce that from today 2018/10/01 09:00 (UTC+3) we will be upgrading our storage and bandwidth for the following plans: Biz, Enterprise, Org, Corporate. All plans are getting about 50% increase in bandwidth & storage at no extra cost, there will be no price change now or in the future regarding this upgrade. If you would ... Read More »

1st Oct 2018
PHP 5.4 & 5.5 Deprecated

From 2018/10/01 we will not offer PHP 5.4/5.5 on any of our shared hosting plans. After this date you will not be able to switch to any aforementioned versions of PHP, if you have currently switched to one of those your selection will be automatically changed to PHP 5.6 . Please note that PHP 5.6 will also be removed from our systems by Q2 2020 ... Read More »

26th Sep 2018
Future changes regarding email services.

Untill now we have traditionally been storing your emails in your hosting account, on the same exact mount point of it be exact. This has been working fine for us since we can allow you to easily and securely access your mail directly (without the use of an email client or webmail) in an encrypted form.This in the last 18 months have become very ... Read More »

25th Sep 2018