PHP 8.0 Beta

We are happy to announce that from today (2020/07/14) we will be providing access to PHP 8.0 Beta on our dev servers for testing.

PHP 8.0 is expected to be released on 2020/11/26 and we would like to provide very early access so you our clients can test their applications.

Best Regards,

13th Jul 2020
Support through XMPP end of life

We would like to inform you that we will not be providing support through the XMPP protocol as of today 2020/07/08 as communicated to our users 24 months ago. We will keep the current infrastructure in place for another 12 months for the few users still using it but no support or other calls will be handled by eSGR from this point on. As stated ... Read More »

8th Jul 2020
Delay in release of Halcyon Engine & Related Projects

We would like to inform you that we will be delaying the new release of the Halcyon Engine due to the extra workload induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.As you can see from our changelog we were supposed to release the new version on 2020/05/14, unfortunately we are quite behind on schedule. The reason is purely due to the extra support work we have ... Read More »

24th Apr 2020
SSH Key Algorithm Changes

We would like to inform you that we will be switching all of our keys to ed25519 effective immediately. Our old keys (RSA 8k) are now completely removed from use. A few EDCSA keys we have been using for specific clients will slowly be deprecated too (by 1st of June).  We know this may be an issue for many of our clients due to the current ... Read More »

25th Mar 2020
Changes in logging and customer access(API) to them

The access to our API for logging services will change from 2020/01/03. Currently we are storring 200,000,000 records per index which is fine for most customers, since it can hold from a couple of months to a couple of weeks of records, the record size though can be as little as 8 hours for an increasing amount of customers. For this reason we ... Read More »

20th Nov 2019
Deprecation of TLS 1.0 & 1.1 for our services.

We would like to inform you that we will be deprecating TLS 1.0 & 1.1 on all of our services on 2020/01/10 as planned. This will affect the following: Internet Explorer 11 or lower OS X 10.10 or lower Windows 8.1 or lower Android 4.04 or lower iOS 10 or lower Please note that our cloud hosting servers ... Read More »

4th Oct 2019
No price increase due to cPanel licensing changes.

We would like to inform you that we will not be increasing our pricing due to the recent cPanel license changes. Due to our policy of not overselling or stacking clients to a few servers our current prices are not going to be affected at all. More Details:cPanel recently announced that they will be increasing their monthly and yearly license ... Read More »

4th Jul 2019
Status Page Maintenance

We will be performing maintenance on our Status Page (, we expect intermittent connectivity issues for the next 2 hours. All services will still be monitored at all times and no service downtime is expected.

Best Regards,


1st Jul 2019
DNS Issue after rolling reboot

During our maintenance window we setup a rolling reboot on our DNS Clusters, all DNS servers went up except for 1 in the EU region and 2 in the US region, servers have been taken off the clusters and we are investigating the issue. The has been and there will be no downtime in any client services due to this issue.   Regards, eSGR NOC Read More »

23rd Dec 2018
Documentation Updates

From today (2018/12/21) to the end of the year we will be adding multiple new documentation articles in our WiKi . Most of the articles will revolve around web development and security. We have made an important update on our article about web images and we will be adding a bit more technical information and examples too soon. Finally we are ... Read More »

21st Dec 2018