Platform As A Service

Get the software you need without having to manage anything.

eSG Platform Service 670 Διαθέσιμα

Service required for any account that has a PAAS plan activated.

eSG B2B & Retail Platform 107 Διαθέσιμα

Unlimited Products
up to 5000 Monthly Clients
up to 15 Employees
Based on an OSS Solution

eSG CRM Platform 70 Διαθέσιμα

Unlimited Leads
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Targets
Unlimited Support Cases
Full Groupware with eMail, Calendars, Call Management, Tasks, Notes
Full Document Management
Up to 5000 Clients
Up to 15 Employees

eSG Enterprise Chat Platform 60 Διαθέσιμα

Native Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS Application.
Full Web Management, Web Chat Client
Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks
IRC, Jabber, Discord Bridge
100% Compatible with SLACK
up to 15 Employees
up to 5 Groups

eSG Customer Live Chat Platform 219 Διαθέσιμα

Live Chat with unlimited sessions
Integration with any website
Knowledge base
Automated Messages
Simple Questionnaire System
Offer System to provide offers/Upgrades
Up to 5 employee accounts

eSG Analytics 567 Διαθέσιμα

eSG Analytics provides full visitor tracking and accounting for a full set of analytics and statistics data.