Other Services

DNS Management 1002 Dostupné

The DNS Management service is offered for free to customers on request for each domain they own and doesnt have a coresponding hosting plan.
Not able to host web sites

Secondary DNS 28 Dostupné

cPanel DNS Only
Unlimited Zones
Unlimited Records / Zone
1,000,000 Queries / Month

€13.00 EUR
€20.00 Instalační poplatek
Integration & Optimization

We will fix and integrate your Joomla site with your application. It includes changes to the CSS & Javascript to Joomla as well as help with fixing/integrating modules & components.
After ordering you must provide the list of your tasks you intent for us.

ENUM 504 Dostupné


Free Termination

Free Bandwidth

2 Channels

€30.00 EUR
€2.00 Instalační poplatek
Web Proxy Service

Proxy your web application through eSGR

Full Halcyon engine routing

Full protection throught Soteria