We are happy to announce that the full upgrade is now finished. Our downtime was 20 seconds per server on average. 
This upgrade brings online the full Halcyon v6 to all of our shared hosting servers. Please note that Halcyon v6 is in effect v5.6 with all the features we didnt manage to have in time for 5.6.
We will be posting all the details in a future blog post.

As of now ~80% of the functionality of H6 is active on all accounts and this includes:
  • PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.2 available
  • memcached compatible and redis available for all PHP versions
  • Full Ruby 2.4 support (passenger)
  • Hooks for nodejs managed services (this still requires manual intervention from user)
  • Sitemap Engine (optionally enabled by user) that will create proper sitemaps for google every 24 hours
  • Automated fix for www -> non-www when using HSTS for the non-www domain
  • SOA Record checks and notification of user on auto redirects
  • Switched to IPv6 priority on email servers (every other servers was IPv6 first already)
  • Added more than 1000 sql query caching rules
  • DNSSEC Ready (User needs to create the records for now)
Finally infrastructure wise we added 4 more DNS servers in our cluster in (Singapore, Sydney, New York, London) and we enabled another storage availability zone in France. Our Amsterdam DNS server is expected to be online and in the cluster in the next few days.

Best Regards,

dateTime.sunday, dateTime.september 10, 2017

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